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Esspada is an Australian owned company that hasn’t lost the importance of a personal touch.   We endeavour to understand your needs at a personal level and take into account the smaller details of your unique circumstances, to achieve the best results.

We work closely with selected suppliers to deliver the highest-grade, ethically sourced flooring, window covering and interior products.  This means that we try and support local companies as well as high calibre European & American suppliers, to deliver quality products to you.  We look at every project being undertaken for our clients as an extension of our own homes or showroom, making sure we look at every little detail, without corner cutting. We want to be as proud of the final product as you are.

At Esspada, we know that a stunning room begins from the ground up, and whilst sourcing durable, high-quality products isn’t always simple – it’s worth it.

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Gyms & Sports Facilities

We provide heavy-duty, commercially rated impact rubber flooring & astroturf sled tracks that are perfectly suited for gyms and other sports facilities.  We have a product to suit any need in these environments, of varying thickness and for a variety of uses.  We have supplied and fitted a number of gym flooring for commercial and residential premises all over Sydney.


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COMMERCIAL applications

At Esspada, we are specialists in supply and installation of commercially rated flooring products.  We have done a number of projects across different sectors of the commercial field including; retail and shopping centres, educational facilities, corporate offices, doctors offices and medical centres, hospitality venues and aged care facilities.

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Esspada’s Solutions for Flooring


  • Timber Flooring
  • Impact Rubber
  • Carpet
  • Roller Blind
  • Hybrid
  • Shutters
  • Laminate
  • Venetian Blinds
  • Vinyl
  • Artworks


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Education Sector

The education sector has criteria in itself that need to be met when providing flooring. We offer a wide range of low maintenance, durable and hardwearing options that last and maintain their appearance over time. There are a variety of vibrant colours to suit each level of the learning environment.

Gyms & Sports Industry

High traffic and heavy-duty impact rubber flooring of varying thicknesses to meet each use and perfectly suited for commercially rated gyms and sports facilities. We also offer hard-wearing Astroturf for sled tracks and high-intensity interval training activities.

Healthcare & Aged Care Sectors

We can service the health care & aged care sectors, which both have strict standards when it comes to the flooring required. We provide commercially rated flooring that meets the R10 slip ratings as well as the strict hygiene, ease of cleaning and maintenance criteria.

Investment Properties

Shoppingmall & Retail

Timber Flooring in North Shore

A Natural Beauty – That Stands The Test of Time

Strong, sturdy and durable, timber flooring has a renowned longevity, particularly in solid timber flooring. It feels both softer and warm underfoot than tiles, and with its natural woodsy tones and textures it’s a flooring that ushers in a cosy ambiance in any space.

Esspada Collection are the experts when it comes to timber flooring for homes and businesses in the North Shore. Comprised of a talented team of individuals with a collective of over two decades of experience in flooring, we are well placed to help you with all the needs you have when flooring your home or office.

Our collection boasts a wealth of options in colour, hue, grain and texture; in both engineered and solid timber flooring. Come in store or find out more about our range today, and the class apart services our team offers you!

The Esspada Timber Flooring Collection

We bring to you a wide selection of timber flooring in engineered and solid timber planks. You can indulge in the sophistication of French Marseille Oak or create a bold, traditional and vibrant room with Sydney Blue Gum. With the choicest tastes in timber across the globe.

At Esspada, we are dedicated to assisting you with the perfect timber flooring for your home, office, or retail space. So, your family, workers or customers in the North Shore can revel in all the warmth and beauty of sturdy natural wood.

Engineered Timber Flooring in Sydney’s North Shore

Presenting the beauty and character of natural hardwood timber at a comparatively cheaper cost, engineered timber flooring offers a great option for many in the North Shore.

Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, property investor or builder, you will find great choices in our range. Engineered timber flooring is created from a mix of both hardwood and softwood timber, to create a flooring with a more environmentally friendly production, that’s more cost-effective and is easier to install.

Engineered timber offers greater design possibilities, with wider plank styles available as well as the ability to stain timber or install flooring in a parquet pattern. This timber flooring is also suitable for floating timber installations.

Solid Timber Flooring in The North Shore

Timber flooring that is sturdy, hard and solid all the way through. Solid timber flooring presents a luxurious option when it comes to floors. Offering the traditional look and rich character and hues, for homes, offices and retail spaces that want to stun.

It ages well, and with its thickness, can easily be re-sanded and polished to be renewed again quite easily in the case of wear and tear. Unfortunately, this timber flooring option is also more expensive, but some may also see it as an investment with its remarkable strength and long-life.

Create With A Great Selection in Designs

Offering different hues in brown, taupe, russet, cream and gold; there’s something for everyone in the Esspada Collection. Each timber flooring product, that we offer to home and business owners in North Shore, also has its own unique grain patterns and texture. Some have a very consistent straight and linear grains, whilst others feature soft wave patterns or knots.

If you require any assistance, don’t fret. Our timber flooring specialists are happy to assist you with any doubts or enquiries you have about our products. They are well experienced in helping our clients in the North Shore to find the ideal timber flooring for their home or property.

Professional Timber Flooring Installations in North Shore

Our specialists at Esspada not only supplies you with superior quality timber flooring, but we install it as well. After connecting with us online, seeing the timber for yourself and confirming you would like to go forward after a quote, we’ll arrange a time with you to install your new timber flooring.

Our timber flooring installers take every care to provide your home or office in the North Shore with the finest results.


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