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Esspada is an Australian owned company that hasn’t lost the importance of a personal touch.   We endeavour to understand your needs at a personal level and take into account the smaller details of your unique circumstances, to achieve the best results.

We work closely with selected suppliers to deliver the highest-grade, ethically sourced flooring, window covering and interior products.  This means that we try and support local companies as well as high calibre European & American suppliers, to deliver quality products to you.  We look at every project being undertaken for our clients as an extension of our own homes or showroom, making sure we look at every little detail, without corner cutting. We want to be as proud of the final product as you are.

At Esspada, we know that a stunning room begins from the ground up, and whilst sourcing durable, high-quality products isn’t always simple – it’s worth it.

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Gyms & Sports Facilities

We provide heavy-duty, commercially rated impact rubber flooring & astroturf sled tracks that are perfectly suited for gyms and other sports facilities.  We have a product to suit any need in these environments, of varying thickness and for a variety of uses.  We have supplied and fitted a number of gym flooring for commercial and residential premises all over Sydney.


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COMMERCIAL applications

At Esspada, we are specialists in supply and installation of commercially rated flooring products.  We have done a number of projects across different sectors of the commercial field including; retail and shopping centres, educational facilities, corporate offices, doctors offices and medical centres, hospitality venues and aged care facilities.

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Esspada’s Solutions for Flooring


  • Timber Flooring
  • Impact Rubber
  • Carpet
  • Roller Blind
  • Hybrid
  • Shutters
  • Laminate
  • Venetian Blinds
  • Vinyl
  • Artworks


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Education Sector

The education sector has criteria in itself that need to be met when providing flooring. We offer a wide range of low maintenance, durable and hardwearing options that last and maintain their appearance over time. There are a variety of vibrant colours to suit each level of the learning environment.

Gyms & Sports Industry

High traffic and heavy-duty impact rubber flooring of varying thicknesses to meet each use and perfectly suited for commercially rated gyms and sports facilities. We also offer hard-wearing Astroturf for sled tracks and high-intensity interval training activities.

Healthcare & Aged Care Sectors

We can service the health care & aged care sectors, which both have strict standards when it comes to the flooring required. We provide commercially rated flooring that meets the R10 slip ratings as well as the strict hygiene, ease of cleaning and maintenance criteria.

Investment Properties

Shoppingmall & Retail

Timber Flooring in Double Bay

When you are looking for timber flooring of a high calibre, look no further than the Esspada collection.

Our wide range of timber offers so much choice in materials, colours, ingrain textures and installation patterns. You can find marvellously unique character in the natural wood of solid timber and engineered timber floors to set your property apart.

You can also create an ideal customised flooring solution with vinyl, laminate, or hybrid flooring for waterproof timber-look floors.

Our timber flooring presents home and business owners in Double Bay, as well as designers and builders, all the options to create strong bespoke timber floors.

Explore The Renowned Collection: Esspada’s Range of Timber Flooring

When it comes to detail, you can trust our experts to have an eye for all the things that matter.

Our timber flooring collection is full of all the features and attributes that people in Double Bay love about wood. Allowing you to create beautifully distinctive interior designs with warm and cool neutral hues, exceptional real timber grain patterns and elegant finishes. Every product instore at Esspada delivers on the high standards in quality that we as a company promise.

Our collection also brings you a range of exclusive offerings in timber floors, that you would hardly find anywhere else.

Why Timber flooring?

With its natural subtle or robust hues, unique grains and hardiness, timber presents a luxurious option when it comes to flooring. It is a choice that makes every room feel warmer and more welcoming.

Timber Flooring is A Beautiful Design Tool

  • Wood is Versatile
  • Timber Floors are Durable
  • Timber Floors are Eco-friendly
  • Timber Flooring is Healthy & Allergen Free
  • Widely known as Flooring that Increases the Value of your Property

Our timber flooring is readily available in two different forms:

Solid – Solid timber floors are through and through solid timber hardwood. While hardwood takes longer to grow, each species offers remarkable density and strength. As well as style that gives every named species a distinctive reputation.

Engineered – Engineered timber floors, despite the name, are made almost entirely with natural wood. Each engineered timber plank is made with hardwood veneer that sandwiches and is supported by softer plywood core. All protected by an acrylic wear layer on top that adds scratch resistance and durability to your floors.

Timber Flooring for Your Home

Naturally elevate the living spaces of your home with the elegant and distinctive appearance of timber floors. Timber flooring makes rooms warmer, by retaining more heat in the winter and with its pleasant woodsy tones.

These floors indeed offer an ideal investment in Double Bay. It is the foolproof way to make your living spaces feel more like a place you can call home.

Timber Flooring for Business

Take your best step forward in business in Double Bay, with luxuriously chic flooring that will no doubt be remembered.

Solid timber flooring last far longer than a lifetime, which makes them an attractive choice for showrooms or commercial spaces where appearances matter. For shorter lease contracts, laminate flooring also offers a great solution for an elegant timber appearance at a more economical rate. It’s also easier to remove later once the lease is up.

Timber Flooring for Bathrooms & Kitchens

Timber is soothing everywhere, but a timber-look substitute will suffice over real wood for moisture prone areas. Hybrid and vinyl floors make a great answer for adding a wood aesthetic to a bathroom, kitchen or laundry room. Providing a beautiful warm and natural touch while remaining completely waterproof.

Get The Best Advice for Timber Floors in Double Bay

With so many choices in flooring, you need the assistance of professional expertise to help you settle on the right one. Let us help.

At Esspada, our professionals are experts in flooring with over 25 years in experience. With their thorough understanding across all the products in our range, they are always looking to help you come up with the best choice for your floors.


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