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Esspada is an Australian owned company that hasn’t lost the importance of a personal touch.   We endeavour to understand your needs at a personal level and take into account the smaller details of your unique circumstances, to achieve the best results.

We work closely with selected suppliers to deliver the highest-grade, ethically sourced flooring, window covering and interior products.  This means that we try and support local companies as well as high calibre European & American suppliers, to deliver quality products to you.  We look at every project being undertaken for our clients as an extension of our own homes or showroom, making sure we look at every little detail, without corner cutting. We want to be as proud of the final product as you are.

At Esspada, we know that a stunning room begins from the ground up, and whilst sourcing durable, high-quality products isn’t always simple – it’s worth it.

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Gyms & Sports Facilities

We provide heavy-duty, commercially rated impact rubber flooring & astroturf sled tracks that are perfectly suited for gyms and other sports facilities.  We have a product to suit any need in these environments, of varying thickness and for a variety of uses.  We have supplied and fitted a number of gym flooring for commercial and residential premises all over Sydney.


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COMMERCIAL applications

At Esspada, we are specialists in supply and installation of commercially rated flooring products.  We have done a number of projects across different sectors of the commercial field including; retail and shopping centres, educational facilities, corporate offices, doctors offices and medical centres, hospitality venues and aged care facilities.

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Esspada’s Solutions for Flooring


  • Timber Flooring
  • Impact Rubber
  • Carpet
  • Roller Blind
  • Hybrid
  • Shutters
  • Laminate
  • Venetian Blinds
  • Vinyl
  • Artworks


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Education Sector

The education sector has criteria in itself that need to be met when providing flooring. We offer a wide range of low maintenance, durable and hardwearing options that last and maintain their appearance over time. There are a variety of vibrant colours to suit each level of the learning environment.

Gyms & Sports Industry

High traffic and heavy-duty impact rubber flooring of varying thicknesses to meet each use and perfectly suited for commercially rated gyms and sports facilities. We also offer hard-wearing Astroturf for sled tracks and high-intensity interval training activities.

Healthcare & Aged Care Sectors

We can service the health care & aged care sectors, which both have strict standards when it comes to the flooring required. We provide commercially rated flooring that meets the R10 slip ratings as well as the strict hygiene, ease of cleaning and maintenance criteria.

Investment Properties

Shoppingmall & Retail

Timber Flooring in Chatswood

Welcome to the Esspada Collection, one of the best flooring showrooms in Sydney.

Whether you own a home or business or are looking to design or build a property for a client, we have all the latest tastes in flooring to complete the room.

The people of Chatswood have long relied on us for their flooring requirements. Whether they are looking for timber, vinyl, carpet, hybrid or gym rubber flooring. So why not explore our comprehensive range of solid and engineered timber flooring? Both sourced locally, as well as from the US and Europe.

 It’s the perfect place to inspire captivating interior designs!

What Sets Our Stock Apart

You can enjoy a high calibre across the board when you browse all the products in our collection.

We invite you to step inside our showroom to see the true beauty of all the choices in flooring we can offer you.

We also supply a range of unique offerings that you are not likely to see elsewhere.

So, you can choose to create warm and rustic spaces with American Oak or contemporary organic living areas with pale taupe timber floors. Our specialists are also always able to assist you with finding a flooring that meets your needs.

Timber Flooring Installations in Chatswood

Experience premium timber flooring in Chatswood with the start to finish services of Esspada.

Timber flooring has held a great place in the heart of many homeowners before anyone can remember. Bringing both a homey and enrichening experience to any room.

Whether you desire natural timber flooring or timber-look flooring, we have all the answers to create your perfect flooring solution.

We offer complete services for timber flooring at Esspada to supply, install and finish all the beautiful products in our collection into your home or commercial property. You can select from a wide portfolio of engineered timber flooring and solid timber flooring to create the perfect wooden floors for your building.

Timber-Look Flooring in Chatswood

With today’s remarkable technology, timber designs aren’t restricted to real timber. For tropical climates, high humidity areas and moisture prone areas, natural timber may not be your ideal flooring solution. Alternatively, you may have a tighter budget that you need to stick with.

In either case, you can still enjoy a timber aesthetic if you have your heart set on a woodsy appearance for your home, office, or business.

And at Esspada, we provide a high quality range of alternative options with vinyl, laminate, or hybrid flooring!

Vinyl Flooring – Vinyl flooring is made with a fibreglass base, coasted in PVC vinyl and plasticizer. The latest vinyl floors are also virtually waterproof. Premium vinyl flooring tends to be deeper, enabling a deeper breadth for embossing patterns for more imitative wood designs.

Laminate flooring – Made with wood by-products and resin, laminate flooring has a better wood look than vinyl. While it offers an attractive timber aesthetic, it doesn’t stand well against floating water that can fall between the seams and sink into its wooden core. Laminate is a good solution for affordable timber flooring where moisture resistance isn’t an important factor.

Hybrid flooring – Stylish, affordable and 100% waterproof. Hybrid flooring offers an attractive package of beautiful timber design. With a good feeling underfoot and non-slip texture, it is a great solution for bathrooms. Hybrid floors are often either made from a combination of wood and PVC, stone and PVC or vinyl and laminate.

View The Full Flooring Collection

We have a full collection at Esspada when it comes to selecting the right flooring your home or business in Chatswood. We are renowned for the high calibre in our timber, laminate, vinyl, and hybrid flooring, as well as the carpet and gym flooring our collection offers.

With over 25 years of experience, our flooring installers are able to give you the best advice when it comes to your floors. Therefore, with Esspada, you can always count on the ideal finish!


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