Timber Parquet Flooring

The Esspada Collection can work with Boral, a leading construction material supplier, to provide clients in Sydney with strong timber flooring from native species.


Timber Parquet Flooring

Parquetry is an installation technique for timber flooring, where bits and pieces of wood is put together to create a pattern or picture.

At Esspada, our flooring specialists are also well adept at designing and installing timber parquet flooring.

We’re able to put together a suite of different patterns commonly found in timber parquetry showrooms such as herringbone or chevron designs. Using natural solid or engineered timber flooring, we create welcoming masterpieces in timber that our patrons across Sydney dually enjoy.

Why Install Timber Parquet Flooring?

Timber parquetry is a great flooring choice when you want the warm and rustic charm of a timber floor, but also want your floors to be something remarkably special.

Timber parquet flooring adds a designer touch to any room. With rich linear and spatial design, that can elongate the space or bring the room closer together. Herringbone parquet designs make narrow rooms such as kitchens or hallways feel more spacious and more interesting. While other designs such as Versailles or Chantilly can also make a space feel palatial. Finishing off a space with a touch that makes it more luxurious.

There are also other benefits that people love when it comes to timber parquet flooring:

  • Stable: Timber parquet flooring is a stable flooring choice, compared to solid wood flooring.
  • Timeless: Like traditional timber flooring, timber parquetry never goes out of style.
  • Easy to Clean: These floors are very easy to clean, from vacuuming and sweeping.
  • Bespoke: You’re able to fully customise the design of timber parquet flooring, like no other choice out there.

No matter what kind of look or feel you are after, you will be able to find a flooring in our showroom that completes your feeling of home.

Find the Perfect Design: Visit Our Timber Flooring Showroom

The Esspada Collection offers the latest and most beloved tastes in timber flooring. Helping homeowners and business owners to create the perfect flooring for their premises.

We invite you to browse through our tasteful collection of timber flooring for possible choices for the most suitable timber parquet flooring for your home or office. Featuring a suite of different hues and shades in brown, tawny, grey, red, cream and more. As well as a range of unique natural wood ingrained textures.

While it’s a lot of fun to explore all the range online, we think you will have a more fulfilling experience if you come in to see our collection in person. Our expert specialists make all the difference with their helpful advice and insight, as well as the distinctively unique charm of each timber flooring showcased.

Timber Parquet Flooring Installers

Our flooring services at Esspada cater to our clients and customers, from start to finish. After you have made a choice in timber flooring, its plank size, installation style and finish. As well as talked to our specialists regarding how it will all work with the dimensions of your room, we also look after the installation. Our timber flooring installers carry an impressive amount of expertise regarding our full range of flooring.

With over 25 years of experience, they will install your new timber parquet flooring to an immaculate finish. We’re proud of our floors and the work we do. You can trust Esspada to provide a complete flooring solution that will change the way you experience your home, business, or office.

Why Esspada?

We are Sydney’s timber specialist when it comes to flooring. With an impressive flooring showroom with many offerings exclusive to Esspada, we are the place that people in Sydney go for elegant timber floors.

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We’re dedicated to helping you bring forth your next beautiful and bespoke design.

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