Spotted Gum

Solid Timber Spotted Gum
Janka rating: 11.0

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Lengths600mm - 4500mm
Widths x Thicknesses86mm x 10mm
83mm x 12mm
83mm x 14mm
130mm x 14mm
180mm x 14mm
80mm x 19mm
130mm x 19mm
180mm x 21mm
210mm x 23mm
Warranty DetailsDue to the fact that solid timber is a completely natural plank of wood, there is no warranty provided to solid timber.
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Spotted Gum



Spotted Gum Timber Flooring

Australian Spotted Gum Timber is a flooring choice that completes a room like no other.

Spotted gum timber flooring is renowned as a choice for luxurious home or commercial floors for its hardness. As well as the soft moving water-like patterns in the grain, providing a lot of soothing interest for the eye with its shades and rippling variation.

Esspada’s spotted gum solid timber flooring selection brings you all the features that Australians have come to love about this wood species. Coming in a wide sweeping palette of colours. You can find it in different tones of cream, light and soft or dark and rich browns. As well as in wood with a more rose, gold or chocolate hue.

Authentic Timber Flooring

Spotted gum timber flooring is one of the most highly sought choices in flooring in Sydney.

Beautiful, natural, and almost impossible to imitate, spotted gum timber flooring is an asset in design that sets your place apart. Spotted gum is very versatile with many hues, floorboard dimension options available, and soft moving texture to complement any interior design.

They are an incredibly strong and hardwearing timber flooring option, with a hardiness rating of 11!

On top of the already natural appeal and suitability that spotted gum has for withstanding the Australian environment.

Where is it sourced?

Spotted gum is a native hardwood grown along the NSW Coastal line that runs into Queensland and can grow up to 45 meters tall.

Why is it called ‘Spotted Gum’?

Spotted gum timber comes from the name of the trees that its wood is sourced from.

These timbers come from spotted gum trees, with a smooth mottled or spotted appearance on their outer natural bark. Produced when the bark of the tree sheds away from the dimpled surface of the tree. Spotted gums are also known as lemon scented gums, known for their fresh lemon scent and the small almost cotton-ball like white flowers and gum nuts that they grow.

The Benefits | Spotted Gum Solid Timber Flooring

  • Durable & Tough – Spotted gum timber flooring is a very hardwearing choice when it comes to flooring. Able to withstand a lot of foot traffic, as well as wear and tear.
  • Fire Retardant – Spotted gum floorboards with at least a 18mm thickness have a natural resistance to fire and doesn’t need any treatment for fire retardance.
  • Less likely to bleed – The low tannin content in spotted gum means that it less likely to bleed or stain.
  • Termite Resistant – With its level of hardness, spotted gum is naturally resistant to termites.
  • Excellent Stability – The risk of shrinking, waveform or cupping is lower in this wood species compared to other types of solid timber flooring.
  • Longevity – As a solid hardwood, spotted gum timber flooring can beautifully last for a lifetime.

Tips for Maintaining Spotted Gum Timber Flooring

Requires protection from moisture – Spotted gum solid timber flooring is susceptible to mould and cupping, issues that can occur if moisture seeps in and settles in the planks. It is a completely avoidable issue with adept flooring installers and a protective sealing to prevent absorption. It also means that you need to take care to keep these floors dry.

Lyctus Susceptible – Spotted gum is a more resistant timber to termites; however, it can be infested by a wood-boring beetle called lyctus. At Esspada, all the spotted gum solid timber flooring has been suitably treated to protect your floors from such infestation.

Re-Oil to Renew – Like other solid hardwood floors, spotted gum timber flooring should be re-oiled every 2 years. For better protection against scratches and foot traffic.

The Experts in Timber Flooring

Our specialists are apt to assisting you with more information or advice when it comes to all our timber flooring products.

Enjoy a wood that complements your interiors with a suitably warmer, cooler, or colour-complementing undertone. Our specialists, online or in-store, are always ready to assist you to work out a flooring solution that best suits your building.