Light Timber Flooring

The Esspada Collection can work with Boral, a leading construction material supplier, to provide clients in Sydney with strong timber flooring from native species.


Let light enhance your home or office, with the fresh elegance of light timber flooring. Light timber beautifully illuminates any space its installed, creating stylish floors that are effortlessly chic.

The Esspada Collection offer a gorgeous range of light timber flooring to help any designer, builder, homeowner or businessowner inspire bliss. With many choices in different colours, hues, materials, and installation styles. As well as a reputed amount of expertise in timber flooring products. It’s no surprise why so many people in Sydney have continued to rely on us for interiors with fresh contemporary design.

The Latest Trend in Timber Flooring

Modern interior design chases a sense of the fresh and new. And with light timber flooring, it has never been easier. It is why we have seen a rise of light flooring choices across many modern Australian homes.

Light timber flooring helps make the most of the natural light in any room. They better reflect the sunlight and inside lighting in your house to create spaces that feel spacious and well lit. Light hued timber floors also bring in the warm and unique textures brought on by nature in the delightfully distinctive grains in wood.

Easy to Clean Flooring

While you may have fears that light timber flooring is harder to clean, the opposite is actually more true. Dirt and dust are less easy to spot on lighter timber flooring compared to darker floors.

Light timber flooring also conceals scratches better, make any wear and tear seamlessly blend in.

Giving you an excellent low-maintenance flooring that always looks great!

Create Brighter Modern Spaces at Home

Light timber flooring is one of the easiest ways to create softly gleaming hallways and living areas.

You’ll find our range of light timber flooring makes a great answer for flooring in any home, business, or office – especially if you’re after a stylish modern setting. Timber flooring in lighter shades is a popular design feature in many types of home décor today. Easily making the most of a smaller or darker space.

There’s still so much to choose from in terms of colour, shade and patterns. Our specialists onsite or instore are more than happy to walk you through our collection, to help you find a flooring that best suits your interiors.

What Looks Good with Light Timber Flooring?

Thankfully, light-hued timber flooring is very versatile! So, there are many looks and styles that you can accomplish with it. But here are just a few ideas to get your own creative vision going.

  • In the kitchen, a light timber floor tastefully pairs with a wood cladding-styled kitchen counter of a similar or darker hue. Giving a sense of interest, with soothing movement and depth.
  • A living room with pale toned timber floors help bring out the warmth and rugged texture of a stone cladded fireplace façade. Add some plants or open some windows and you’ve got a beautiful space that balances the rough and smooth textures in the room.
  • Bedrooms with light solid or engineered timber floors make a cosy stylish space, with grey walls and a white trim. Add a textured rug or some throws, and it quickly becomes a place of opulence.

Light Engineered Timber Flooring

While the word ‘engineered’ might lend to the thoughts of something natural, light engineered timber floors are made from real wood.

The top and bottom layer is made from strong solid hardwood that sandwiches, and is supported, by conifer. They are less likely to expand or move because of the changes in the thermal climate. They’re also more affordable, easier to source and install then solid timber flooring.

Engineered light timber flooring brings you all the beauty and character of natural wood, all in a product that’s highly convenient.

Light Solid Timber Flooring

Solid timber flooring is what you think of when you hear the words, ‘timber floors.’

Made purely out of hardwood, light solid timber flooring is remarkably strong and has often kept in beautiful condition even down generations of families. It is often the gold standard in residential flooring.