Grey Timber Floors

The Esspada Collection can work with Boral, a leading construction material supplier, to provide clients in Sydney with strong timber flooring from native species.


Grey timber floors are having a moment. But if we are going to be honest, grey has been a versatile modern design source for decades.

Across its many different shades, you can find a grey to fit any purpose. Soft feather grey couches make a perfect place to rest. While darker charcoal greys have dominated many industrial or more masculine designs. When it comes to floors, grey timber flooring makes a very distinct statement that’s oh so contemporary and chic. Our grey timber floor collection at Esspada offers all that people in Sydney need to create a cool and uplifted feeling in their home or office.

What Goes With Grey?

Grey is a versatile hue. As a neutral it is great for acting as a canvas for colour and bolder designs or creating contrast with other neutral tones and shades. Grey timber flooring offers the perfect grounding surface for white, black, aqua, green, rose pink, sun yellow, cherry red and violet. So, if any of these are a colour that you adore, a grey timber floor may be just what you’re looking for.

Grey floors have become the perfect accompaniment to usher in a sense of cohesion and taste with colour, particularly with cooler hues. They also add to the beauty of your home, adding a sense of light and spacious modern spaces.

Choosing a Shade of Grey

When you are trying to decide between a light, mid-tone or darker shade of grey, the answer lies in what kind of feeling you are trying to create.

Pale and washed out grey timber floors create an ideal farmhouse or Hamptons look. While darker grey timber floors are often the decision to bring together the look of completeness and balance in a room. Dark timber floors make a room look bigger with white walls or white trim.

Cool Home Interiors – Fresh Coastal Style

Grey timber floors help create beautiful cool interiors to refresh the look of your home. Grey is a great choice for living room, dining room and kitchen floors.

Grey standard timber flooring is a great choice for luxurious modern home design, made complete with white furniture, glass home décor and other touches of black and darker greys.

Sophisticated Timber Flooring – Dress for Success

Create a statement that sets the tone for your office of business. Grey timber flooring exudes elegance, which makes it a great tool for design when you want to impress guests. Grey timber flooring sets the tone for working with purpose and setting an expectation for success.

There are also many great choices in our showroom to select a shade and wood species that best complements the feeling you are trying to create in your office.

Our flooring specialists at Esspada are here to assist you, with everything that you need for delightful grey commercial timber flooring.

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