Boral Timber Flooring

The Esspada Collection can work with Boral, a leading construction material supplier, to provide clients in Sydney with strong timber flooring from native species.


Boral Timber Flooring

The Esspada Collection can work with Boral, a leading construction material supplier, to provide clients in Sydney with strong timber flooring from native species.

Boral timber flooring presents high quality choices in engineered timber flooring, solid timber floors or timber parquetry. Our team of professionals at Esspada can give you all the information that you require regarding our Boral timber flooring products. Allowing you to get the best assurance of suitability, strength, finish, and design for your home or office.

Australian Native Timber
The Boral timber flooring range of products at the Esspada Collection offers you all the beauty of natural timber. All made from Australian native wood species, that are more attuned with the local climate.

Solid Strip Flooring
Create timeless appeal with beauty that doesn’t age

At Esspada’s collection you have a selection of Boral solid timber flooring made with a tongue and groove system that allows for easy installation. Available in beautiful understated and vibrant Australian native wood species such as Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Ironbark, Brushbox and more.

Our flooring experts at Esspada can assist you in selecting a Boral solid timber flooring product that is most suitable for your home, office, showroom, or eatery. They have the best advice on hardness, maintenance, and a great eye for design with all the years of experience they have in installing timber floors.

Boral solid timber flooring can last up to 100 years or more with the right care. All while being easily renewed, with their readily sand-able surface. These floors only grow rich with more character and interest with age and is why so many Australians seek the beauty of authentic solid timber floors.

Floating Engineered Floors
Indulge in contemporary elegance with less waiting time

The Esspada Collection of Boral engineered timber flooring is remarkable, offering innovative solutions for fast and cost-effective natural timber floors. Beautiful and versatile in Blackbutt, Spotted Gum and Blue Gum. Suitable for both residential and commercial installations.

Engineered timber flooring is available both in a traditional flooring installation, and floating, as well as directly over an existing floor. Boral engineered timber floors are an eco-friendlier product than solid hardwood, as they are made with less of the harder to source hardwood. However, they don’t carry the same long life that solid hardwood gives.

Get the assistance of our experts at Esspada for any assistance that you need in finding the best finish for Boral floating timber floors. Our experts have the best knowledge and advice to ensure that you have the best timber flooring that fulfills all your expectations.

Boral Timber Parquetry
Impress with a touch of the Avant Garde in your office or home

The Esspada Collection can fuel the creativity of your inner artist with timber parquetry that expands a room and creates a statement. 

Timber parquetry can be installed as timber tiles or individually as wooden planks or pieces. Our Boral timber flooring range of products offers a lot of options to create contemporary wood designs. Choose from herringbone, chevron, basketweave, Versailles and other patterns.

Esspada’s flooring installers are renowned in installing and finishing Boral timber parquetry for both residential and commercial clients. Find out more about how our specialists can assist you in creating bespoke flooring that sets your premises apart.

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Esspada is the place to go to, for those that enjoy beautiful high-quality timber flooring.

Our specialists are the best people to speak to for information and advice on all our products. We’ve assisted clients in the design, supply and installation of the most appealing timber flooring for their offices, place of business or homes. 

Stocking the trusted and premier brands in timber flooring such as Boral, we are assured that our flooring specialists will always be able to provide you with the best solution for your wood floors.

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