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Length1820 mm
Width135 mm
Thickness14.2 mm
Residential25 years
CommercialProvided upon request; number of years varies upon application
StructuralLifetime structural warranty
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Commercial, Residential


Blackbutt Timber



if you are looking for engineered Blackbutt timber in Sydney, come in and visit our showroom to get a look and feel of our large samples.  Elyseum manufactures premium timber that focuses on high quality products that are eco-conscious and 100% health safe.

Blackbutt wood is one of the Australian timbers that Elyseum manufactures into a 3 layer T&G engineered board with a Swedish made Bona Naturale matte finish.

There’s almost no Australian timber that is famous or widely known as blackbutt timber.

Brandishing straight and consistent grain, in warm golden buttery hues. It adds strength to structures with its toughness, durability, and ability to withstand or resist fire. Australian blackbutt timber provides a beautiful and versatile appearance that brings an authentic touch of the outback to your home.

Blackbutt timber is a costlier option in price as a hardwood, but it’s a flooring that you can count on to serve your family home for your lifetime and possibly longer. Esspada also offers Blackbutt engineered timber flooring in Sydney, that offers all the beauty and charm of these floors, with an cheaper installation cost and easier maintenece.

Eucalyptus Pilularis
Blackbutt, or Eucalyptus Pilularis, also provides many other benefits for your timber floors.

Sourced from a native South-Eastern tree in Australia, this species can be identified in nature for their impressive heights, sleek leaves, and stringy grey-brown bark. It is a very dense hardwood species, used across many industries and applications for cladding, inside and outdoor flooring, joinery, landscaping, and more.

The name ‘blackbutt’ comes from the appearance it has after a bushfire, where it is slightly more darkened.

Native Australian Hardwood

Hardwood species that are native to Australia acclimates and withstands well with the volatile changing weather conditions of the country. For this reason, blackbutt makes a marvellous choice for flooring as you can expect it to already be in tune with the local climate.

Timber floors made from solid hardwood can be more susceptible to expanding and shrinking with the changes of temperature and moisture in the air.

Blackbutt engineered timber flooring made from a combination of blackbutt hardwood veneer and a conifer core are an apt way to counter this problem. With both the use of a local wood species as well as the three-layered structure of engineered flooring, these floors offer a suitable stable solution for the floors in your home or office in Sydney.

Strong, Solid & Robust

Another reason that Blackbutt is such a highly sought timber is that the remarkable strength and hardiness it has to offer. Blackbutt timber has a Janka rating of 9.1, denoting its toughness to withstand heavy foot traffic, furniture changes and the climate. It’s able to withstand any wear and tear, while lasting well – for beautiful flooring that lasts for years!

Warm And Versatile Design

Blackbutt engineered timber flooring gives a comforting warm and homey feeling to any room. Its pale golden brown hues are a versatile neutral choice to accompany and complement any home décor you furnish your home with. Blackbutt timber also has straight and consistent grain patterns, that help any interior designer create subtle understated elegance wherever its installed.

Stable Throughout the Changing Weather

While solid hardwood timber floors have remained as a popular choice for traditional home flooring, there’s a growing need for engineered floors in Australia – and for good reason.

Blackbutt engineered timber flooring offers added stability to withstand any sudden changes in the climate. It’s also an option that is more affordable, easier to install and deliver, as well as easier to source. As engineered floors are made with only a top and backing veneer of hardwood, the materials in process are also cheaper and more eco-friendly.

Visit Our Showroom
If Blackbutt engineered timber flooring isn’t for you, or you simply need to know more – you may enjoy a visit to our showroom.

The Esspada collection has a wide reaching showroom in Castle Hill, stocked with a multitude of options to give you beautiful timber floors. You can look through, feel, and walk on several different solid and engineered timber floors.

Our specialists in-store and on-site are always ready and happy to assist you with any query that you have regarding your options in flooring. With 20 years of experience and knowledge on every product, we’ll help you find your best fit in flooring.