Astro Turf

Please be advised that photos of the products are samples only, and often don’t do justice to the actual product.  Please organise a time to come in and visit us, to view the products for a more accurate reference.

LengthVaries on roll size, and can be specified
WidthVaries on roll size, and can be specified
ThicknessVaries depending on specification
CommercialWill be provided upon request & varies depending on application

A gym isn’t complete without a heavy duty, durable sled track made from our commercially rated heavy duty Astro Turf.  It needs to be high quality so that it can withstand the constant foot traffic from patrons as well as the heavy weighted sleds being dragged up and down its length constantly.

The Astro Turf can come in a couple of different colours if the traditional grass green colour is not suitable.

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Astro Turf