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This 15mm rubber tile (1m x 1m) gym flooring is very hardy and perfectly suited to high traffic commercial gyms.  It provides great impact absorption for use in heavier weight areas, and is very versatile due to its ease of installation.  Being 15mm thick, it can be applied to areas of cardio activity and HIIT training and still provide a grippy, stable and comfortable surface for clients to run and walk on.  It can also be used in areas with weight racking and barbell weight lifting areas, handling and enduring the constant dropping of heavy weight.

The colour of the fleck can also be tailored to meet brand & company colours or any other preference.  The percentage of fleck can also be increased or decreased to make the colour selected more or less prominent.

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Rubber gym flooring helps protect your gym equipment and floors. Specially designed to support the harsh pressure and environment that heavy lifting and other activities that take place in the gym.

At Esspada, we supply and install rubber flooring and gym tiles to help complete commercial and home gyms across Sydney. As the experts in flooring, our specialists are dedicated to taking care of all your requirements for gym and sports flooring. There are a range of different thicknesses however, some popular options are 15mm and 8mm gym flooring tiles and Astro turf for sled tracks.

Complete Your Commercial or Home Gym

Building a gym requires a lot of planning. However, flooring is no doubt a step you don’t want to miss. The activities that take place in a gym are intense and for a commercial setting, often constant. Which means, without rubber gym flooring, it’s only a matter of time before your floors (and equipment!) withstand serious damage.

Rubber flooring has long been the most efficient solution when it comes to gym floors. And with the proper flooring and equipment at hand, it means that everyone that visits your gym can put their full attention into conquering their workouts.

High Quality Rubber Mats for Gym

Create rubber strong floors for a commercial gym or the perfect place to work out at home.

At Esspada, you can expect only the highest degree of quality and attention to standards. That’s no less seen in the durable and robust rubber mats we supply for gyms. Our company works with only trusted and quality manufacturers.

Our flooring installers also take utmost care in all the work that they do. Therefore, when you look to our specialists, you can always get the assurance of a highly professional finish!

Why is Rubber Flooring Used for Gyms?

Rubber has become a prime resource for applications that require toughness.

Durable, strong and robust on the road, as well as in many marine, automotive and construction environments, rubber has an impressive portfolio in absorbing impact. Rubber flooring became a stable in the gym for the need to cushion heavy gym equipment such as machines, or heavy weightlifting exercises that require placing weights on the ground.

Absorbing movement, heavy pressures as well as sound. It’s seen become an essential part of flooring any gym.

However, that’s not all there is to it. Rubber gym tiles also brings these benefits to your gym:

  • Prevents Injury : Rubber gym flooring eases the tension between your feet, the floor, and your joints.
  • Resist Odour : Rubber flooring has less chances of developing any weird odour, which is always a plus in a place of a lot of exercise and activity.
  • Anti-Microbial : Gym tiles aren’t a habitable place for bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi. Therefore, offering a great solution to maintaining a good level of hygiene in your gym.
  • Keep traction when wet : Gym flooring tiles are slip resistant. Not that anyone looks to lift in wet conditions, but in case of any rain leaks, water bottle spills or sweat you can have the assurance of a floor that doesn’t get slippery.
  • Shock absorbing surface : One of the prime reasons that many look for rubber flooring once they begin planning their gym is for a flooring that absorbs the shock of heavy weights. You can trust it to help protect both your floors and equipment.
  • Cushioning around weights : For heavy standing machines for exercise, you can also get the assurance of some padding for support. Which means you can add both strength to the set up and your flooring.
  • Absorb noise : Rubber gym flooring tiles make an incredible acoustic layer to dampen sound and vibration. Helping quiet distractive sounds in the gym and letting everyone focus on their activities.
  • Recyclable : At the end of its life, rubber flooring can be recycled.

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