Quick-Step Flooring

Esspada brings you the best brand products in our range of timber flooring solutions.

When it comes to laminate floors, we have supplied a range of Quickstep flooring to home and business owners across NSW.

Quick-Step is a pioneer brand in flooring installations. In 1997, they changed the world of flooring with their innovative, at the time, ‘click in’ floating floor installations. Since then, Quick-Step flooring has innovated to become even simpler and easier ever to handle and install. A system that lets customers simply slide and click in planks to achieve beautiful timber floors.

It’s the smarter and most cost-effective way to achieve stylish floors!

High Quality Laminate Floors – Quick-Step Flooring

Attractive floors made with superior materials, in no time at all.

Quick-Step floors have a marvellous reputation when it comes to their range of laminate and engineered timber flooring. As a brand, Quick-Step has become known as a world leader in perfecting highly imitative timber look designs. Making it harder and harder to distinguish a laminate floor from their range, from amongst natural timber floors.

Now you can achieve the luxury of elegant timber flooring, with all their pleasing textures, at a fraction of the cost!

Uniclic Multifit Installation System – Slide and Click Flooring

The smart way to achieve gorgeous timber floors for your home or office.

Installing Quick-Step flooring is easy; our installers can assist you or you can opt to do it all yourself. Quick-Step floors were designed according to the brand’s invented Uniclic Multifit Installation System, allowing you to slide in planks and click them in. Letting you to have new floors in no time at all!

If there’s ever any damage, it also means the process of removing and re-installing a plank takes no time at all.

A 4 Layer System – Resilience, Design, Support & Balance

Quick-Step laminate flooring is made with four layers:

  1. A transparent and protective wear layer
  2. A design layer, consisting of a high resolution print of wood that is then finished with resin
  3. A HDF wood core adding both durability and moisture resistance to the plank
  4. A balancing board for straight even planks that won’t cup or bow

A Wide Range of Options

Another reason that Esspada has decided to stock Quick-Step laminate flooring is for the excellent range they give with their options. There are so many beautiful options, available in cream, brown, yellow, grey, caramel and more. Along with all the delightful patterns and textures that expertly imitate wood. It’s a great resource for designers, to achieve stylish modern interior designs on a budget.

Benefits of Quick-Step Laminate Flooring

  • Competitive – These floors are very affordable, which is a great thing to learn if you want beautiful floors on a budget! Why not get that natural timber look for less?
  • High Quality – Quick-Step flooring is made from high quality materials and proficient techniques to give you a professional finish with every floorboard.
  • Stylish – There is no denying how beautiful, fresh, and modern our range of Quick-Step floors are.
  • Resilient – Quick-step floors make an excellent solution for floors in places of high foot traffic. They are great at withstanding wear and tear, whilst resisting scratches and damage. Quickstep laminate flooring is also UV resistant; for floors that won’t soon fade or lose their colour.
  • Easy to Maintain – You can enjoy that there’s less time and energy needed to clean these floors.
  • Lightweight – Quick-step floors are lightweight, making them easier and cheaper to transport and install.
  • Easy to Install – Of course, you can’t forget about how simple the process for Quick-Step flooring has become! Just slide in and click, and you’re done. Our professional team is happy to give you advice, install these for you or provide moulding solutions to hide away the perimeter gap around the floors.

We’re dedicated to bringing you the best solutions for beautiful flooring at Esspada. For more information, get in touch or book a visit to our showroom!