Floating Timber Floors in Sydney

Floating floors “float” over your existing floor, just as you can imagine from the name. This is a flooring installation that’s become highly popular for its incredible affordability and easy installation.

In fact, we’ve found that many people undertaking a DIY renovation are finding no problem from using floating timber floor planks to create a beautiful wooden floor themselves!

The Esspada Collection in Sydney brings you all the stunning and latest designs in timber that makes your home, business, or office a place that leaves a lasting impression.

Who gets floating timber floor installations?

  • DIY Renovations
  • If you’re on a budget
  • Rented Properties
  • Limited Time Leases
  • ‘Make Good’ Leases

Floating Floor Installations

Installing floating timber floors is easy with a click-in-joint system among the grooves, that lets you snap the planks into place. As floating floors aren’t nailed, glued or otherwise adhered down, it’s an apt solution for home or business owners that aren’t looking for a permanent change. Which means it’s great for rented property leases. This type of installation also lends itself to easy repairs, as there is less work to replace a damaged plank.

Acoustic Underlayment | Softer Footing

Floating timber floors can feel a little hollow or loud when walking underfoot. A way to get around this problem is with a quality foam acoustic underlayment. An underlayment dampens vibration and absorbs sound. Creating a soft barrier that cushions and feels great underfoot.

Allow Gaps for Thermal Expansion | Stable Floors

Some floating floor planks are made with a quality underlayment, which our specialists can help you select in our range. There’s no further need for an underlayment with floating floor planks with built in underlay.

Allow Gaps for Thermal Expansion | Stable Floors

When installing our floating timber floor planks, you should leave a gap around the perimeter of your floors. This lets your floor naturally expand or contract to the changes of moisture in the air, or the thermal climate. For floors that do not curl or buckle.

The seams between floating floor planks are also designed and manufactured to allow movement, while still providing a tight fit.


  • Aesthetic
  • Versatile
  • Cost-Effective
  • Fast & Easy Installation
  • Durable
  • Wide Range of Options in Flooring

Floating Engineered Timber Floors

Indulge in the beauty of true distinctive wood designs.

Showcasing all the unique character of hardwood timber. It’s created from sandwiching real hardwood veneer between a conifer species of wood, or plywood.

Floating engineered timber floors are a great way to elevate your home or office with the splendour and strength of natural wood.

Laminate Floating Floors

Offering great strength and durability, laminate flooring is a manufactured wood product that is great at resisting wear and tear. Laminate floating timber floors are embossed, to craft and capture highly impactful wood designs. Highly attractive and affordable, laminate flooring makes a beautiful floating timber floor but not as water resistant as vinyl or hybrid floors.

Vinyl Floating Floors

Soft, flexible wood flooring at an affordable cost. Luxury vinyl plank flooring leaves a beautiful rich texture to any room. Completely recyclable, it’s fast becoming popular as an eco-friendly choice in flooring. Adding a low gloss glow and wood design to wetter areas in your home, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

Hybrid Floating Floors

Create with highly distinctive and bespoke timber flooring, that offers the best features of laminate and vinyl floors. Hybrid flooring is another option that is available for a floating timber floor installation in Sydney. Waterproof, made with a measure of natural wood and carefully embossed, it offers an attractive wood design that is easy to care for, clean and maintain. It’s a great choice to install in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

The Esspada Collection

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