Feltex Carpet

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room.

Esspada supplies a range of Feltex wool carpets that brings together everything everyone loves about home with elegance and comfort.

The Feltex range of carpets has built renowned for their stylish carpets. At Esspada, we love their wool range particularly. Letting us help our treasured patrons create springy, pure, and renewable floors that add beauty to any space.

Our flooring specialists can assist you with creating a new flooring solution for homes, businesses, offices and more.

Feltex Wool Carpets

Carpets add a special touch anywhere, in any room. It need not even cover the entire floor.

Welcoming a place to rest, relax and settle in.

Feltex carpets have created a name of renowned for their excellent quality, management, and assurance of a premium product. At Esspada, we’ve looked to fulfill our commitment to high calibre flooring and searching for more eco-friendly solutions by partnering up with Feltex as a distributor. So now, with the proficient care and support of our flooring specialists, our customers across Sydney can get the benefit of luxuriously comfy carpet.

They don’t just look and feel good, but each Feltex wool carpet is made from 100% pure wool. It’s a renewable resource as it grows back every year. Even more special, is all the added benefits that wool has to keep you more comfortable indoors!

The Difference of 100% Wool

Wool is a natural resource that is both sturdy and soft. Its remarkable toughness means that it makes an excellent solution for warm underfoot flooring that can take a lot of life, whilst maintaining its beautiful form.

However, by no means is that all the difference that wool carpets such as Feltex provide:

  • Warmth
  • Attractive modern styles
  • Renewable resource
  • Durable
  • Colour that doesn’t fade
  • Resistant to water-based stains
  • Natural insulation
  • Moisture Regulator
  • Flame retardant

It Will Spring Back for Years!

Wool carpets have a natural ‘springiness’ to them, that makes walking a dream. Better yet, it’s a carpet that can look and feel great for years without losing its elasticity and bounce if taken care of well.

Feltex carpets retain their thickness, even under furniture or underfoot. While, of course, continuing to both welcome and impress guests.

Natural Insulation for the Cold Nights Ahead

It’s a given, but it’s no less as special. Wool carpets keep you warm, which helps keep away the nasty surprise of flooring that jolts you awake in the colder months. However, it does not just feel great underfoot, but it also helps keep your whole house warmer as well. Making your home heating and energy usage more efficient.

Feltex wool carpets helps retain heat and spread it across the floor, reducing heating costs.

Natural Dehumidifier

They also absorb and help take our excess water in the air, making it great for dealing with those hot humid summer days. The added moisture in the carpet also makes it a carpet choice that is less susceptible to building up static electricity shocks.

Colour Retention

The colours and patterns in Feltex wool carpets continue to hold their hues beautifully throughout the years. The structure in the wool itself is rather susceptible to dye and locks it in well. While the protein found within wool fibres of the carpet also allows for greater intensities in colour. With Feltex wool carpets, you can enjoy a carpet with colour that does not easily fade.

Fire Retardant

Wool is naturally more resistant to fire, as well as a much higher point at which it burns.

Design & Create with Esspada

There are so many options in neutral and versatile colours that you can find in our collection at Esspada. Well suited to assist you in creating stylish and comfortable carpeted floors. For any assistance on achieving a certain look with an interior design, we recommend that you reach out to our specialists.

We can assist you in understanding the best options for your building, lifestyle, and budget!