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Acoustic Underlay For Flooring

Do you have kids that love making noise? Perhaps they’re budding musicians and love to play their drums, or they’re just siblings and love to run around yelling at the top of their lungs. Whatever the case, it can’t be much fun for others in the neighbourhood to have to listen to the ruckus – and any effort towards some soundproofing is sure to make for some grateful neighbours. Perhaps you’re looking for some noise reduction in a commercial space, where you want your clientele to be able to hear each other in a space with potential acoustic issues.

Well looking into an acoustic underlay for your space can really help with some of these problems. Whether it’s for residential or commercial use, Esspada has all sorts of acoustic underlay options for you to choose from as you build your ideal space. Let’s start with the basics though: you might be saying to yourself, what exactly does acoustic underlay do?

Esspada Acoustic Underlay

Well essentially when you use acoustic underlay what happens is you reduce airborne sound by efficiently de-coupling high mass products from the ridged floor surface to reduce the transfer of airborne sound vibrations. Or in simpler terms, you need to make a gap between two heavy things (i.e. a piece of furniture and the floor) to stop the noise vibrations from travelling straight through them with relative ease.

By reducing these vibrations, you’ll reduce the total noise generated by movement in your house. Impact sound is reduced by the energy being absorbed through deflection in the underlay. It is important that the underlay does not bottom out like an open cell carpet underlay, otherwise your heel will hit the floorboard and the sound will still travel through.

The applications for acoustic underlay are massive. Have you ever been to a cafe or bar, have been enjoying yourself, but thought “it would be nice if it was a little quieter in here”? Well if you’re thinking about starting your own hospitality business then starting the flooring with a layer of acoustic underlay might be the thing that gives you the edge over your competitors. With an overall reduction in the noise level in your establishment, you’re more likely to attract and keep customers if they’re able to achieve the (simple-seeming) goal of being able to hear one another when they speak.

Also if you want to soundproof a room in your house or at least lessen the impact the sound makes through the house then this underlay is an ideal first step. Let’s say your home entertainment system has a big set of speakers that when turned up cause significant noise and vibration in your living area. With Esspada’s acoustic underlay, we can guarantee that the impact in instances like this will be lessened quite a margin.

So whether you’re thinking about your dream residential project or you’re looking into it for commercial purposes, there’s lots of reasons to start your flooring project with a layer of acoustic underlay. So why not come down to our showroom in Castle Hill and have one of our expert team explain all the benefits of the underlay today!

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Esspada Acoustic Underlay


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